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Shell & Neway Safety Day—because we care


May 3rd, 2018, was the Safety Day of Shell. It is the 12th year that shell was cerebrating Safety Day. This time, Shell’s China Sourcing and Asia Pacific Supply Chain team celebrated this special day with Neway. Shell team made deep discussion and exchange on the cultivation of safety awareness, establishment of safety culture with Neway and brought their safety philosophy to Neway.

Shell, as a corporation with high social responsibility, has been committed to increasing safety awareness of the society. Shell regards “Care” as the core of their safety system. Shell implemented excellent safety management through all employee engagement, ideas and good practice sharing. On the Safety Day, Shell team introduced their safety system and safety cultural implementation experience to Neway, showed 2018 Safety Day video and made a topic discussion with Neway: how to deal with the “dilemma” and “used to the risks” with our “Care”

As a global leading industrial valve solution provider, Neway abides by the policy of “Obeying the law, security first, protecting the environment, saving energy and reducing consumption, eliminating risk, scientific management, and continuous improvement”, putting safety first, implying the safety philosophy and business principle and acting as a responsible corporate.

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